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Call and Protocol for Contributions

Clivatge #4



Reception period of articles for the next issue of Clivatge #4 is open.


As you already know, we are basically interested in analyses of recent social phenomena related to situations of social change and conflict. We also expect to receive writings which are testimony of social movements, platforms or organizations, of their actions of protest or social innovations. Equally, we expect to get reviews of recent works connected with our journal's subjects.


In this issue, we shall prioritize articles dealing with the following topics:


  1. The crisis of the European project, in its several dimensions –socioeconomic and geopolitical aspects, issues connected to policies of political asylum, and political issues in general–: oppositional dynamics and signs of governance failure such as the mobilizations in favour of abandoning the euro, the problems to manage migration processes, the confrontational lines between the EU and Greece, etc.

  2. Denunciations of injustice and demands for social change in Latin America.

  3. Foreseeable (or announced) political changes in Latin America.

  4. "Delayed" perception of the social and economic effects of the crisis around the world.


Thank you for keeping your interest in our work,



MARÍA TRINIDAD BRETONES (Barcelona University)



Formal guidelines for paper submission:


Language: Catalan, English, Spanish and/or French, without distinction.



a) Main text: Arial 12

b) Quoted text: Arial 11

c) Footnotes: Arial 10


Bibliographical references in the text: author-comma-space-year-colon-page number, as in: (Offe, 1978:25) or (Offe & Wiesenthal, 1984:56).

References at the end of the article: These should follow the example in the article by Antonio Hermosilla, “El papel de las movilizaciones…”, pp. 24 and ff. in Clivatge 1.


Extension: 2.000 to 20.000 words.


Author’s biographical note: It should be included as a footnote on the first page and its length should not exceed 2-3 lines.


Copyright: All papers must be original and for exclusive publication by the Observatory. Accepted papers will be made available to the public free of charge. The Observatory reserves the right to publish them additionally in printed format, always respecting the integrity of the text and after communication to the author/s.


Reception period for papers is until 20 February, 2016.


Papers should be sent to:


We wish to thank all authors in advance for their collaboration.

                October, 2015



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