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The Social Conflict Yearbook keeps record of the main social conflicts taking place throughout the year and, at the same time, it provides deeper insight into a selection of episodes. On such episodes, the Yearbook includes not only substantive information but also analyses carried out by the stable team at the Observatory or by external experts specifically invited for that purpose.

Published issues:
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Social Conflict Yearbook 2019

Editors: María Trinidad Bretones (UB), Jordi Bonet (UB), Clara Camps (UB) and Joan Quesada (UB)


The pandemic cuts through everything, María Trinidad Bretones, Jordi Bonet, Clara Camps, Joan Quesada

Section I: Focal Conflicts of the Year

The Chilean Conflict under Analysis: Representative Democracy in Crisis, Teresa Ariztía, Ángeles Bustamante

Women’s Movements in a Chile and the Path towards a Feminist Constitution, Natalie Rojas Vilches

“We wasted a lot of time fighting among us”: Theoretical Approaches to the Participation of Football Hooligans (barras) in the 2019-20 Chilean Socio-political Revolt, Ricardo Cuevas Bascuñán

The Daphne Protests at the End of 2019. A Chronology, Michael Briguglio

Section II: Structures, Processes and Conditions for Conflict

Organization, Mobilization, and Family and Feminist Action in the Face of Femicides in Latin America, Esther Pineda G.

Movements of resistance in the face of the neoliberal push in China, Juan Pino Acevedo

Section III: Taking Stock of the Year and General Consequences for Social Change

The Response of the Feminist Movement to Sexual Violence in the Public Space. The Multiple Sexual Agression in the Festival of San Fermín in 2016 as Turning Point, Clara Camps Calvet, Anna Moreno Beltrán


Chronology of news concerning the Covid-19 pandemic in Spain (previous history), and Appendix 1, Guillem Garcia Soler

Appendix 2. Chronology of news concerning the Covid-19 pandemic in Spain (previous history), Guillem Garcia Soler

Appendix 3. Chronology of news concerning the Covid-19 pandemic in Spain (previous history), Guillem Garcia Soler

Does Lockdown Have an Ideology? An Approach to Dealing with the Covid-19 Public Health Crisis: Individualization, Control and Responsibility Exemptions, Joana Soto Merola

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Social Conflict Yearbook Special Issue (2018):
The Mapuche Conflict in Chile

Editors: Nicolás Rojas Pedemonte, Constanza Lobos & David Soto


Foreword, Claudio Alvarado Lincopi

Introduction, Nicolás Rojas Pedemonte, Constanza Lobos, David Soto

Conflict Analysis

Mapuche Protests on the Return of Piñera: Milestones and Dynamics in a Territory in Conflict, Nicolás Rojas Pedemonte, Diego Gálvez

Crime and Setup as Policies Towards Indigenous Peoples: The Hurricane Case, the Jungle Commando and their Effects on Mapuche Children and Adolescents, Cidsur Team, Southern Centre for Research and Defence

The Conflict in the Mapuche Territory and Human Rights, Soledad Molinet

Mapuche Participation and Instituctional Politics in 2018, Tokichen Tricot, Germán Bidegain

Critical Juncture of Negotiation Between the State of Chile and the Mapuche People-Nation, Esteban Valenzuela Van Treek, Osvaldo Henríquez Opazo

The Multiple and Systematic Violences Linked to Forest Extractivism in Wallmapu, Marien González-Hidalgo, Sandra López-Dietz

Experiences of Territory Recovered Through Resistance to a Model of Forest Exploitation, Manuel Fuenzalida, Simón Arce

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Social Conflict Yearbook 2017

Editors: María Trinidad Bretones (UB), Jaime Pastor (UNED), Carlos A. Charry Joya (University of Antioquia), Joan Quesada (UB), Nicolás Rojas Pedemonte (Alberto Hurtado Univ.), Sandra Vera (Univ. of Chile)


Long-Run Conflicts, María Trinidad Bretones & Joan Quesada

Section I: Focal Conflicts of the Year

Mobilization, Repression and Ballot: Tracing the Key Elements of the Self-Determination Referendum on October 1, 2017 in Catalonia, Arkaitz Letamendia


Section II: Structures, Processes and Conditions for Conflict

Europe in the Face of the Muslim Headscarf. An Approximation to the Debate from the Perspective of Women’s Rights, Núria Roca Farré

Banana Production and Socio-Environmental Conflicts in the Atlantic/Caribbean Region of Costa Rica. 1950-2017, Edgar Blanco Obando

Section III: Taking Stock of the Year and General Consequences for Social Change

Taking Stock of the Violent Deaths Taking Place in the Context of Political Unrest in Venezuela between April and July 2017, Keymer Ávila, Natalia Gan

Taking Stock of Inequality and Public Expenditure in Spain. Open Space of Social Struggle, Albert Ferrer Sánchez

Book Reviews

¿Una política sin clases? El post-marxismo y su legado. Meiksins Wood, Ellen. Buenos Aires: Ediciones ryr, 2013, reviewed by Genís Plana Joya

La gran huelga general. El sindicalismo contra "la modernización socialista". Sergio Gálvez Biesca. Madrid: Siglo XXI, 2017, reviewed by Luis Roca

Marx's validity in his 200th anniversary, Antoni Puig Solé

Feminisms in the face of the war against women of the Global South, Carlos Zeller Orellana

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Social Conflict Yearbook 2016

Editors: María Trinidad Bretones (UB), Jaime Pastor (UNED), Carlos A. Charry Joya (University of Antioquia), Joan Quesada (UB), Nicolás Rojas Pedemonte (Alberto Hurtado Univ.), Sandra Vera (Univ. of Chile)


Section I: Focal Conflicts of the Year

Ne da(vi)mo Beograd: an example of social conflict within the Serbian society, Miguel Rodriguez-Andreu

The case of the Chilean Students Movement, Bajoit Guy, Vanhulst Julien

«A fight by zones». The illegal occupation and the creation of space in ZAD area in Notre-Dame-Des-Landes, Margot Verdier

The Independence Outside the Catalan Frontiers: The Transnational Nature of the Catalan Independence Movement, Johana Trujillo

To Make Peace Possible, More Guarantees for Social Prostest. The Context of Working-Class and Trade-Union Protest in Colombia, Viviana Colorado-López, Mariana Ortíz-Usma, Sandra Milena-Muñoz


Section II: Structures, Processes and Conditions for Conflict

The construction of hegemony: The current links between the economic elite and the press in Chile, Nicolás Marticorena

Section III: Taking Stock of the Year and General Consequences for Social Change

Massive social movements and processes not intended, Fernando Longo Cardoso Dias, María Trinidad Bretones-Esteban

Book Reviews

Años de esperanza en el Chile de 1970. Los años de Allende. Carlos Reyes (textos) y Rodrigo Elgueta (ilustraciones). Novela gráfica. Hueders, Santiago de Chile, 2016, reviewed by Carlos Zeller-Orellana


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Social Conflict Yearbook 2015

Editors: María Trinidad Bretones (UB), Jaime Pastor (UNED), Carlos A. Charry Joya (University of Antioquia), Joan Quesada (UB)


It includes the following sections: 1. Power, violence and victims; 2. Peace processes and mediation processes in conflicts;

3. Social conflicts vs. political conflicts; 4. De-democratization and radicalization; 5. Crime and its connection to conflict;

6. Prostests for gender equality; 7. Social mobilization and new politics


With articles by: Danilo Ricardo Rosero Fuentes, Andrés Suárez, William Darío Chará Ordóñez, Josefina Bergues, Carlos Andrés Charry, Unaldo Coquies & Rotsen Méndez, Jorge Ignacio Vásquez & José Manuel Ferreiro, Felipe Maia Guimarâes da Silva, Michael Briguglio, María Troya Porras, Albert Ferrer Sánchez, Carlos Rontomé Romero, Joan Linio, Luis Navarro Ardoy & Manuel Caro Cabrera, Astrid Elena Arrubla Montoya, Verònica Gisbert Gracia, Ferran Giménez Azagra.


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Social Conflict Yearbook 2014

Editors: María Trinidad Bretones (UB), Jaime Pastor (UNED), Carlos A. Charry Joya (University of Antioquia)


It includes the following sections: 1. Conflicts for dignity and in defence of the commons; 2. Student protests; 3. Conflicts for democracy; 4. Challenges to the nation-state; 5. Other violences; 6. Peace processes; 7. Labour protests and crisis; 8. Historical memory; 9. Taking stock for year 2014; 10. Notes


With articles by: Ana Cristina Aguirre Calleja, Grecia Guzmán Martínez & Raúl Alejandro López Soto; Felipe Gutiérrez Ríos; Jacobo Abellán Bordallo; Anahy Gajardo; Andrea Echeverri; Massimo Modonesi & Samuel González Contreras; Roberto Cilleros & Gómer Betancor; Fernando De la Cuadra; Carlos Azocar; Juan Huerva Subirats; Joan Vicens Sard; Dolors Bramón; Joan Linio; Meritxell Martínez Riera, Mario Zubiaga; Meritxell Martínez Riera & Mario Zubiaga; Marc Sanjaume-Calvet; Teresa Bladé Costa; Edgar Straehle; Juan Mario Mario Solis Delagadillo & Sarah Patricia Cerna Villagra; Carlos Andrés Charry-Joya; Viviana Colorado-López & Pablo Pérez-Taborda; Cristiano Procentese & María Pilar Sabio-Esquiroz; Mauro Basaure; Cristina Inés Bettanin; Ramón Adell-Argilés & Alberto Olayo-Yestera; Carlos Ruíz-Encina & Giorgio Boccardo; Firmin Dusabe; Salvador Aguilar Solé; Ricard Vinyes.


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Social Conflict Yearbook 2013

Editors: Jaime Pastor (UNED), Nicolás Rojas-Pedemonte (UAH, Chile)


It includes the following sections: 1. Democratization, de-democratization and open conflicts in the Near East and Africa; 2. The Indignado movement in Spain; 3. Social crisis and urban revolts; 4. Student revolts around the world; 5. Conflict and change in nations without a state: Euskal Herria and Catalonia; 6. Split societies: potential macrosocial and political changes; 7. Gender-related conflicts; 8. Labor/union movement and people's reactions in the face of the crisis and the neoliberal reforms; 9. Socio-environmental conflicts; 10. Historical memory and post-dictatorships; 11. Social conflict and social change: balance of year 2013.

With articles by: Joan Linio, Santiago Alba, Judith Nahrwold & Sezen Bayhan, Saygun Gokariksel, Óscar Mateos, Ramon Adell & Alberto Olayo, Jaime Pastor, Gomer Betancor & Roberto Cilleros, Lluís Mangot, Juan Bostelmann, Joaquim Fulleda, Vassiliki Georgiadou & Lamprini Rori, Carlos I. Azocar, César A. Ruiz, Thomas Chiasson-LeBel, Aikaitz Letamendia, Alain C. Gagnon & Marc Sanjaume, Joan Domènech, Josep Maria Antentas, Maurici Archila et al, Carlos A. Charry, Marco Antonio Ponce, Leandro Gamallo & Julián Rebón, Paloma Caravantes & Pilar Goñalons, Susana Galán, Kathryn Lum, Holm-Detlev Köhler & Estrella González, Bernard Riutort, Teresa Morlà, Ana C. Soto & Alexandra Urán, Felipe Pizarro, David H. Corrochano, Juan Mario Solís, Isabel Piper, Ricard Vinyes, Sandra Vera, Dan La Botz, Massimo Modonesi, Asbjorn Wahl.


With video-interviews with: Joan Carles Gallego, Josep Maria Álvarez, Just Casas (by Joan Quesada), and Rodolfo Stavenhagen (by Guiomar Rovira).

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Social Conflict Yearbook 2012

Editors: Salvador Aguilar (UB), María T. Bretones (UB)


It includes the following sections: 1. Political revolutions and democratizing wave in the Arab countries; 2. The Indignado movement; 3. Interethnic conflicts and anomic revolts; 4. Student protests around the world; 5. New right-wing extresmisms; 6. Conflict and change in nations without a state; 7. Split societies: macrosocial and political changes under way; 8. Gender-related conflicts; 9. Labor movement's actions and transformations; 10. Class cleavage: people's reactions in the face of the crisis and the austerity measures, 2007-2012; 11. Socio-environmental conflicts; 12. Episodes for peace and historical memory; 13. Social conflict and social change: balance of year 2012.


With articles by: Joan Linio, Òscar Monterde, Mona Makram- Ebeid, Mercedes G. Jiménez, Pere Grané, Emanuel Bran Guzman, Iván Kudryashev, Jaime Pastor, Josep Maria Antentas, Luisa Martín Rojo, Naama Nagar, Juan Bostelmann, Juan de La Haba & Enrique Santamaría, Carlos Ignacio Azócar Ortiz, Guiomar Rovira Sancho, Martha Cecilia García, Elizabeth Pis, Jean-Yves Camus, Salvador Giner, Joan Subirats i Humet & Ricard Vilaregut Sáez, Blanca Serra i Puig, Aitor Díaz Anabitate & Ruben Moliné Jorge, Pedro Ibarra, Arkaitz Letamendia, Igor Ahedo Gurrutxaga, Benjamí Bastida, Armando Chaguaceda & Marco Antonio Ponce, Yanko Moyano Díaz, Carlos A. Charry, Sandra Hincapié & Jairo López, Paloma Carabantes, Pilar Goñalons, Ana González, Rubén Vega Garcia, Beltrán Roca Martinez & Ibán Díaz Parra, Leandro Gamallo, Salvador Aguilar, João Protásio, Maria T. Bretones, Holm-Detlev Köhler et al, Francisco Letamendia, Angie Gago, Jaume Asens & Gerardo Pisarello, Laura Fernández de Mosteyrín, Ximena Cuadra Montoya, Dunia Mokrani & Pilar Uriona, Janice Gallargher, Sandra Vera Gajardo, Enrique Gil Calvo, Massimo Modonesi, Dan La Botz.


With video-interviews with: Sami Naïr, Ada Colau, Manuel Antonio Garretón, Guiomar Rovira, Stéphane Rozes


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Social Conflict Yearbook 2011

Editor: Salvador Aguilar (UB)



It includes the following sections: 1. The Arab revolutions; 2. The Indignado movement; 3. The Summer revolts in London; 4. Old and new conflicts in Latin America; 5. Nationalist conflicts in the Spanish state; 6. New right-wing extremisms; 7. Social conflict and change: balance of year 2011.


With articles by: Salvador Aguilar, María Trinidad Bretones, Jaime Pastor, Manuel Castells, Samir Amin, Stephen Maher, Juliet B. Schor, Salvador Giner, Sidney Tarrow, Noami Klein, Yotam Maron, Pere Grané, Nicolás Rojas Pedemonte, Sandra Vera, Massimo Modonesi, Jairo A. López Pacheco, Melvy Quiroz, Lourdes Sandoval, Antoni Batista, Arkaitz Letamendia, Xavier Casals, María Jesus Funes.


With video-interviews with: Salvador Giner, Arcadi Oliveres, Miren Etxezarreta, Josep Maria Antentas, Clàudia Àlvarez, Enric Duran.

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