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Observatory of Social Conflict

The Observatory of Social Conflict  (OSC)

The OSC is an observatory of conflict created within the ICCS research group (Research on Social Change and Conflict) of the University of Barcelona. Its stable team comprises students, researchers and professors currently working in the field of social science (sociology and political science). Its goal is to develop basic research on the main questions posed by contemporary conflict episodes. The Observatory offers all types of public (students, professionals and general public interested in the subject) a variety of documents, such as scholarly articles, Master Degree and PhD thesis and several sorts of primary sources, in accessible formats and nonprofit.

"Tahrir Square on February 11" by Jonathan Rashad - Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
Protestas Colombia.webp

Starting 28 April, thousands of Colombians have taken to the streets to protest against several of the policies proposed or implemented by Iván Duque's government. The trigger was a tax reform proposal intended to increase tax collection by over 6,250 million dollars by raising tax to both citizens and companies. But there is much more to the protests than this. As OSC member Carlos Charry states: we are in the face of a "second mobilization wave that has taken over the baton passed on by the national strike and is trying to make plain that there are other problems beyond the tax reform."

Voz de América (05/05/2021)

Dos siglos de extrema derecha - Entrevis

OSC collaborator Jaime Pastor analyses the present features of Spanish far right, including its direct bonds to Franco's regime, its similarities and differences to other far right groups in Europe and the Americas, its links to Spanish oligarchy, its ideological differences with past fascist movements... A clever breakdown of the most outstanding elements making up nowadays fascist ideology and a clear explanation of its links to the present crisis of capitalism.

Interview with Jaime Pastor, En la Frontera (28/03/2021)

In memory of Arcadi Oliveres

We deeply regret the death of our collaborator Arcadi Oliveres, a member of this Observatory's Scientific and Advisory Board, who inspired our work for many years. In homage to his figure as a thinker and social activist, we recommend the reading the following interview on occasion of the publication of his last book, Paraules d'Arcadi.

Interview with Arcadi Oliveres and Mar Valldeoriola, (04/03/2021)

What's New

Social Conflict Yearbook # 14 is already in the making. You can check out the first contributions

Check it out here


Journal Clivatge #10 is out, a monography on (Post-)National Movements and Conflicts in the 21st Century

Check it out here


The OSC recommends:

Dinámica sociopolítica del conflicto y la violencia en territorio mapuche, by Nicolás Rojas (OSC member) and Omar Miranda

Check it out here


OSC Interview with Silvia Federici, by Víctor Ginesta

Check it out here



The OSC recommends:

La forma social de la protesta en Euskal Herria, 1980-2013, by Arkaitz Letamendia, PhD Thesis, University of the Basque Country

Check it out here


The OSC recommends this new video by Massimo Modonesi & Diego Asebey: "Movimientos sociales y políticos en México: un panorama (2000-2015)"

Click here to watch the video

The line it is drawn

The curse it is cast

The slow one now

Will later be fast

As the present now

Will later be past

The order is

Rapidly fading

And the first one now

Will later be last

For the times they are a-changin'


Bob Dylan - "The times they are a-changing", 1963

Silvia Federici

Parts 1 & 2

Josep Maria Álvarez (UGT Catalonia)

Parts 1 & 2

Just Casas (CNT Terrassa)

Parts 1 & 2

Joan C. Gallego (CC.OO. Catalonia)

Beyond smart crowds. The media effect of citizen mobilizations around the peace agreements in Colombia

By Andrés Charry Joya, member of the OSC Stable Team


An analysis of the impact on Colombia's peace agreement of citizen mobilizations demanding a definitive peace.

Read the full article in Uniandes Journals (01/01/2020)


By Jaime Pastor, member of the OSC Stable Team


We now find ourselves at a turning point unprecedented in our contemporary history and, especially, in the history of a globalized capitalism imposed upon us as the only possible system. For now the time has come to challange it with more overwhelming reasons.

Read the full article in Tribuna Viento Sur (27/03/2020)

On Social Conflict

To all those interested in gaining insight into social conflict, the OCS offers a selection of key writings produced by renowned specialists in the subject; a selection destined to both students of social conflict and the general public. Many of the selected writings may be downloaded directly from our website. Moreover, the OCS remains up-to-date about the latest progress in the understanding of conflict in order to timely incorporate it into our text selection.

Periodical Publications by the OSC
Social Conflict Yearbook
Indexed in:
Latindex Logo.jpg

The Social Conflict Yearbook keeps a record of the main social conflicts taking place throughout the year and, at the same time, it provides deeper insight into a selection of episodes. On such episodes, the Yearbook includes not only substantive information but also analyses carried out by the stable team at the Observatory or by external experts specifically invited for that purpose.

Clivatge. Journal of Studies on Social Conflict and Change
Indexed in:
Latindex Logo.jpg

The online journal of the OSC publishes selected and revised articles coming from the annual call for contributions issued by the Observatory. Occasionally, it also includes some of the analyses produced by its team of stable members or by the experts who take part in the organized events, as well as those generated by the activities of the Academic Innovation Group established within the ICCS (University of Barcelona, Degree in Sociology & Master in Sociological Research).

The OSC publications are available on the following publishing platforms:

OSC Interviews
Other Recommended Videos
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